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the carbon based mistake

the carbon based mistake was created 03.30.75 by marc calvary and takes the form of
zines & books & photography & writing & blasphemy & art & design.

Studio3Besides the main project, a series of books and zines under the umbrella name of the carbon based mistake, marc finds the time to do other projects by being annoyingly anti-social. Current side projects include the Art Exchange Program, an annual zine contest awarding grant money and prizes in an attempt to encourage others to continue to make art, a pin-up style adults-only photography and design project called cherrypepper, and a charity organization under the unlikely name of The Reformed Church of Satan, which actually has nothing to do with the devil.

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(Trades of your zine is acceptable unless for gift certificates or otherwise noted)

the carbon based mistake thinks you should buy a scratch-off lottery ticket, the kind that gives you a million dollar a year payout. Then you should hang it in a frame on the wall of your home, unscratched. – If you have photographic proof you’ve done this in a show of solidarity for the DIY movement, you’ll be sent a free zine.

Biopicture by Tracy HammerMarc Calvary the Drawing by Tracy Hamer –


everything on this website (unless otherwise noted) as well as the name “the carbon based mistake” (U.S. Reg. No. 4,213,952) or any likeness thereof is ™ and © 1991-2015 marc christopher calvary. all rights reserved. in cases of the earlier mentioned “otherwise noted”, © goes to the author. 



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