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the carbon based mistake / art exchange program / cherrypepper / RCoS is now at: http://www.thecarbonbasedmistake.com it’s OFFICIAL! I have moved the carbon based mistake and all side projects away from wordpress. Update your links if you have any. All URLs should forward, but who the hell knows? I’m just making all this up as I … Continue reading

Goodbye WordPress!

I’ve been redesigning my website for another platform. I’m using Weebly this time. All links will eventually forward there as soon as it’s live. If you follow this blog you can follow me there as well… I’ll send you an invite. I’ve enjoyed the features of this site for a while now, I just needed something … Continue reading


AxP 2014 Winners Announced!

Once again the artistic women of the world have shown their dominance by continuing to create and embarrassingly show-up their male counterparts by producing such a kick-ass collection of work that I’m amazed any men still make zines. Although according to this contest, maybe they don’t anymore… Men? Are you still making zines? Only one zine … Continue reading

Encuentro © Sarah (Slim) Lopez

AxP 2014 Entry: Encuentro by Slim Lopez

Sarah (Slim) Lopez graduated from Parsons and Eugene Lang College at the New School. She studied Illustration and Social & Historical Inquiry, and uses a social justice lens when approaching her work. A lot of Slim’s work is inspired by the old, weird and forgotten. Slim’s entry into the Art Exchange Program arrived just under … Continue reading


AxP 2014 is now over…

  Hopefully you got your submission in the mail by the 1st of December, because this years grant is now closed. If it’s been postmarked and just taking it’s time to arrive to me you will still be included, if not… please submit again next year! The results will be announced by the first week of … Continue reading


AxP 2014 almost over! Get your zine postmarked by 12.01.14

I’ve recently discovered that my AxP posts haven’t been cross-posting over to thecarbonbasedmistake.com, if you follow the AxP site and/or my facebook page you probably already know about this year’s entries, but in case you haven’t here’s a link to all of them: https://artexchangeprogram.wordpress.com/updates-blog/ Have a look… and get your zine in the mail soon, entries … Continue reading


Book Bags/Tote Bags? I Prefer Plastic, But…

Printed using only the finest environmentally safe inks these tote bags tell the world that while you love the earth and plan on making the place nicer by being on it and being friendly to our home, you don’t have a huge stick up your butt and can make a joke and save the planet … Continue reading


Broken Pencil Excerpts Section

Broken Pencil, Canada’s own Magazine of zine culture and the independent arts, just published an excerpt of Hey, John Boy! in their 63rd Issue, on stands now. My favorite part of being in this issue is that my excerpt is one page from Dave Caves’s excerpt from his zine titled: “How Many Pictures of Dicks … Continue reading

Cockroach Sushi Cards (Household Pest Cuisine Vol. 1)

Cockroach Sushi

I had an idea a few weeks ago for Cockroach Sushi T-Shirts, but until I finish setting up my silkscreening area, I decided to make the idea into greeting cards. They come shrink-wrapped for freshness inside a box and include the 10 blank inside cards, with 10 matching envelopes.This will be the first in a series … Continue reading


Abbey Road Relics at Stray Vintage!

Not only are the Relics – Volume One: Abbey Road now available in a limited run on this website, but they are also for sale at Stay Vintage in Sunnyside, Queens. Stray Vintage is a second-hand shop located in Sunnyside, Queens that specializes in Mid-Century Furniture, Wares, Salvaged Goods, Vintage Jewelry, used vinyl, and work by … Continue reading

Relics Featured Image

Abbey Road Relics

  LIMITED EDITION First run is only available at the Brooklyn Zine Fest April 26th and 27th. Visit www.brooklynzinefest.com for more details. Whatever doesn’t sell at the Brooklyn Zine Fest will be made available here. There might be a possibility of a second run, if so they will also be for sale on this website. Whenever I visit … Continue reading


Art Exchange Program Grant v2/2013 Winners.

V2/2013 WINNERS _____________________________ FIRST PLACE WINNERS -click on their names for more information –  OLD-TIMER: The Art Exchange Program’s Printer Hero Award – v2/2013 Heather Wreckage “Dreams of Donuts #15 and #16” $150.00 USD 100 copies of one of their zines The Printer Hero Badge from Nerd Merit Badges The last 10 issues of my zine … Continue reading

AxP Prizes Announced!

First Place Prizes for both Old-Timer and Newbie categories: The Art Exchange Program’s Printer Hero Award 2013: $150.00 USD 100 copies of their zine The Printer Hero Badge from Nerd Merit Badges The last 10 issues of my zine the carbon based mistake A copy of the book Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon The funniest little book ever, Labs with Abs by Andrew Jeffrey Wright Second Place … Continue reading

AxP v2 2013 Concludes

Unless I get a bunch of last-minute submissions postmarked November 1st or before… this years contest is now over. Now comes the hard part. I have refrained from reading very much of the entries I’ve received to ensure I don’t develop a favorite too early in the contest. So now it’s time to sit down … Continue reading

Frankie Comics [feature-image]

Axp Submission: Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes

Born three months premature, Rachel has always been motivated and stubborn. At seven, she drew her first comic strips and proclaimed to her teacher that she would be a cartoonist when she grew up. Rachel has interned at Top Cow Entertainment and BOOM! Studios, was a recipient of the Women Webcomikers Grant NAN, has her Bachelors … Continue reading

Dreams of Donuts [Feature Image]

AxP Submission: Dreams of Donuts by Heather Wreckage

Heather Wreckage makes art, comic zines, and crafty things such as mix-tapes, dolls, and paintings, for fun and sometimes for profit. She started her comic per-zine in 2007 because she wanted to create a zine but didn’t feel comfortable with a strictly text based format. She felt comics were more lighthearted and were able to help her express her … Continue reading

Against Debt [Feature Image]

AxP Submission: Against Debt

Against Debt is a zine containing a drawing, a comic, an essay, and a poem. Created by veteran zinester Nickolas Burgess and new zinesters Steve Turtell, Ryan Hickey, and Ted Moneo, Against Debt debuted at the 2013 Brooklyn Zine Fest and was created in the wake of the financial crisis. The two goals were to firstly … Continue reading

Trust-the-Knife [feature Image]

AxP Submission: Think About the Bubbles #8: Trust the Knife by Joyce Hatton

Joyce Hatton made her first zine 10 years ago… and then did nothing with it. But last December she was having a mental breakdown and expressing it through a zine was the only way she could think to express herself and Think About the Bubbles #1 was born. Since then she’s continued creating… Trust the … Continue reading

ZineShow [feature image]

First International Exhibition “ZINESHOW” – Lviv, Ukraine

This year I submitted a handful of my zines to be a part of First International Exhibition “ZINESHOW” where entries were exhibited in the gallery “Tymutopiyapres” a non-commercial art space located in Lviv, Ukraine.  An all inclusive exhibition, Zineshow was interested in any technique, any theme and format, and there was no fee to submit your work. The 120 participants selected … Continue reading

An Invitation [featureimage]

AxP Submission: An Invitation by Anne Rita Taylor

Anne’s submission to the carbon based mistake’s art Exchange Program Grant is entitled “An Invitation: The Mayborn Literary Non-Fiction Conference 2013″ She originally made zines from 2000 to 2004 after which she took a break to start making hand-made blank books, but the zine bug struck her once again in 2008 while on a road … Continue reading

fourth wave freaks [featurei mage]

AxP Submission: Fourth Wave Freaks by Kristin and Comrades

Fourth Wave Freaks is  a collaborative zine sent in by Kristin from Canada. The zine is a collection of feminist & queer based writing and photography. Published quarterly, Fourth Wave Freaks is comprised of a community of like mined freaks united in a common purpose to express themselves through the art of zines. The Fourth Wave Freaks … Continue reading

Broken Pencil [Feature Image]

Broken Pencil and The Art Exchange Program.

Broken Pencil, straight out of Toronto, Canada, was started in 1995 and is a print magazine devoted to underground culture and the independent arts. They review zines and books and movies and film and more. Each issue has interviews, original fiction, art, and is an all around great publications for the underground and DIY movement. This … Continue reading

My Small World Will Grow [Feature Image]

My Small World Will Grow – Photography by Leilani Sun Reeves

My niece Leilani (who is actually my second cousin, but I call her mom my sister and I trained Leilani to call me Grandpa) found her parents old digital camera and figured out how to turn it on. They showed her which button to press when taking a picture and taught her how to use … Continue reading


AxP Deadline Extension: November 1st 2013

I’ve decided to extend the deadline for the Art Exchange program to November 1st. I realized that September was just too early. Hopefully the people who only have a flyer and aren’t following updates will somehow stumble on this new fact. If you were playing with the idea of sending in a zine, but were … Continue reading


DC Zinefest Rejects Me…Part II

[Click here to read the first part of this] I’m very glad to hear back from one of the organizers of the DC Zinefest 2013, and feel it’s only fair to post our email exchanges here. Of course I don’t want to bug the hell out of everyone by continually posting if this continues, but … Continue reading


DC Zinefest Rejects Me…

I wasn’t even going to write about this because I’m hurt and upset and even feel a little embarrassed. But I consider zines and creating in general to be a form of therapy, and right now I need some therapy. So I’m going to selfishly vent and get some. There was a zine fest going … Continue reading

Haiku & Holga [feature Image]

AxP Submission: Haiku & Holga by Michelle Spadafore

 Michelle Spadafore, from Brooklyn New York, is a first time zine maker… although she has it in her blood. As a child her grandmother would take Michelle on errands around the city, stopping for Chinese food, and inevitably arriving at the copy shop where she would print up little booklets filled with her poetry and … Continue reading

EXHIBIT [FeatureImage]

AxP Submission: Exhibit S by Erika Lipkes (A.K.A. Lady Beaver)

First time zine maker Erika Lipkes, working under the name Lady Beaver, has been drawing a comic blog for the last three years. Erika is an artist, performer, teacher, musician, songwriter, and living room dancer. She went to college at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she received her BA in art. While at UCSC she … Continue reading

Affiliate Series [feature image]

AxP Affiliate Series.

Part of the reason I started the Art Exchange Program was to show others that small grants were possible – to be honest with you I had no idea a small grant was possible, I always heard of grants in the thousand or millions of dollars categories, I just assumed you needed to be rich to ever start any kind … Continue reading

We Were Here [Feature Image]

AxP Submission: We Were Here by Sara Diamond

Urged by a friend into entering her zine in this years Art Exchange Program, Sara submitted a per-zine of travel and adventure. Sara is an artist focusing on photography, she and her partner Steve live in San Francisco and they both quit their jobs to go on a traveling adventure. They packed up and traveled the world … Continue reading

Guide to Being Alone [Feature Image]

AxP Submission: Vice Versa Press by Julia Arredondo

Julia sent 3 different zines, all showcasing different themes and design. Published through her self-publsihing venture Vice Versa Press, an independently run publishing and printmaking entity, specializing in the practice of traveling dance parties. Vice Versa Press promotes working-class artists and musicians. Respecting the idea that print is indeed a form of fine art; Vice Versa Press … Continue reading

An Open Place #5 by Jeremy Waltman [Feature Image]

AxP (2005) Submission: An Open Place #5 by Jeremy Waltman

The second AxP grant was supposed to be in 2005, however after the first year I burnt out. I passed the context off to a friend who wasn’t sure if she would have the time. She tried very hard to continue it, but no… she just didn’t have the time. There was one single lone … Continue reading

Identificacion © Zachary Hamilton - [featureimage]

AxP Submission: Identificacion by Zachary Hamilton

Identificacion by Zachary Scott Hamilton working under the title of the Rainbow Apparatus Community College assembled a zine with hand-cut and hand-drawn covers. His intent is to release zines to help support different niche creators in his community as well as in other small areas outside of his hometown, Portland Oregon. Identificacion is printed in … Continue reading


AxP Submission: SEPIDEH by Chris and Mina

SEPIDEH, created by Londoners Chris and Mina, involves a detailed surrealistic dream journal landscape, that is part xeroxed zine and part hand made art project. In the 2 copies I received you can tell slight differences between them, handwritten additions, something that really excited me. Chris and Mina, equaling up the duties of drawing and storytelling, also create videos, posters, photography, zines, … Continue reading

Red Velvet [Featured Image]

AxP Submission: Zines by Red Velvet and Company

The forth submission to the Art Exchange Program is from Red Velvet and her friends. Red Velvet is from Memphis Tennessee and along with illustrator Catfish Koifish created a zine called “Where Are You Going?”, packaged with a mix tape accompaniment, it’s described as an interactive zine for explorers of new homes. The zine consists … Continue reading


the carbon based mistake issues 9 and 10 [limited quantities]

I haven’t had these issues available for purchase on my website for some time, I only have a very small quantity of them left. I’ve saved these for conventions instead, however In an attempt to clean up my site I have spent the entire week redesigning the SHOP page, and fixing links and such, and … Continue reading

1-800-KRAVLOX [ Featured Image ] © Isabel Reidy – sharkmancomixxx.tumblr.com

AxP Submission: 1-800-KRAVLOX by Isabel Reidy

1-800- KRAVLOX is a first time zine/mini-comic created by Isabel Reidy, from Trumansburg, NY. It was created in a comic class taught by none other than good ol’ Jeffrey Brown and is about an inter-demintional phone sex operator. When Isabel isn’t drawing she also plays in a country band called Dixie Lou & The Realbads. Isabel … Continue reading

Babalon Babes and Psycho Bunny © by Michelle Witchipoo

AxP Submission: Babalon Babes and Psycho Bunny by Michelle Witchipoo

The latest submission to the Art Exchange Program Grant is from Michelle Witchipoo. Living and creating old school style zines in New York, Michelle has been publishing on and off for nearly 10 years. Her work ranges from underground comix influenced publications like Psycho Bunny to esoteric erotic pin-up sketches contained within the pages of Babalon … Continue reading


Zineshow, Ukraine

the carbon based mistake is proud to be a part of the First International Exhibition “ZINESHOW” in Ukraine. Visit the exhibition blog to see the many fine works from artists around the world: http://zineshow.blogspot.com All works will also be exhibited in the Gallery Tymutopiyapres located in Lviv, Ukraine: http://tymutopiyapres.blogspot.com

Volthair © Kathy Tran

AxP Submission: Volthair by Kathy Tran

Today I received a submission to the Art Exchange Program Grant from Kathy Tran. She is a game designer specializing in cinematics and an illustrator from Austin, Texas. She describes her zine, Volthair (Volthair for Voltaire), a zine series she started when she was 17, as perzines that helped her grow as an artist and as … Continue reading


Art Exchange Program Grant v2/2013

To encourage others to fall in love with self-publishing I’ve set up two different grants this year. One for the veteran, and one for the beginner. Usually these contests involve people who already do this kind of work just sending in their latest and greatest. But that does very little to inspire someone to make that first … Continue reading


Open Call

I’m putting together a zine and I need help from those of you in the NYC, Eugene and Portland areas. I was inspired by my girlfriend who started a project having to do with work and breaks, more of which will be explained and announced at a later date. My project will be taking pictures … Continue reading


You Have Been Warned.

Yes, it would be easier to just sit on your ass all day than to try to make things. Yes, it would be less pretentious not to call yourself an artist. I know this guy, he is clearly an artist, but he refuses to call himself one. I know the feeling. It took years for me … Continue reading


Searching for Mistakes.

Turns out WordPress keeps a collection of internet searches that eventually bring the searcher to thecarbonbasedmistake.com. These are the terms, words, and phrases people use, through various search engines to find posts and pages on the internet, somehow leading them to me. I had no idea this was a feature until today, and as I was scrolling through the boring list … Continue reading


Finally, HOW Magazine.

the carbon based mistake is pleased to announce that cherrypepper 5 has been chosen as a winner in the 2012 HOW International Design Awards. All winners will be recognized in the March 2013 issue of HOW Magazine. I really had given up on this award. Winners were supposed to have been contacted at the end of November … Continue reading

the story of xmas coal

Free Holiday Zine.

I’ve made a new 24-page holiday zine and until 2013 you can have it free of charge if you are a follower of this blog. Subscribe to this site and email me at: tcbmNY@gmail.com with your full name and mailing address. You should send me your address even if you think I may already have … Continue reading

Sticky Institute

Mistakes in the Land Down Under.

What better place to sell my zines than in a country founded by convicts? Selected works from the carbon based mistake are now available at the The Sticky Institute in Australia. The Sticky Institute is an entirely volunteer artist operated initiative fusing an exhibiting and open resource working space with a non-profit retail environment in … Continue reading

Haight Ashbury Tattoo

Haight Ashbury Tattoo and Piercing.

I am happy to announce that after a several year hiatus, cherrypepper is once again available in San Francisco at Haight Ashbury Tattoo & Piercing. Visit them here on the web: Haight Ashbury Tattoo & Piercing or in person at 1525 Haight Street San Francisco CA 94117 – (415) 431-2218


Philly Zine Fest.

the carbon based mistake will be quarantined in the small area behind a 6’x3′ table in Philadelphia Pennsylvania at the Philly Zine Fest next Saturday, October 27 from 11am to 5pm. Visit The Rotunda at the University of Pennsylvania located at 4014 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA. I will be selling everything available on the website. If I make a million dollars I will donate everything to charity. … Continue reading


Jesus + Reason = Treason.

Finally the Jesus is the Reason for my Treason stickers have arrived! Just in time for… Halloween? Ok, I thought these would actually take longer to arrive, I expected them mid November. Just in time for a special little guys birthday! B.C doesn’t mean “Before Christ” but actually stands for “Before Christian Era” or “Before … Continue reading

archaic nonsense cards [feature image]

archaic nonsense cards.

order this for $1.00 (for 25 hell-bound cards) or send cash to: marc calvary 41-23 53rd ave. #1R woodside, ny 11377 I ran across an old anti-preacher card (now dubbed the Archaic Nonsense Cards) that I made when I first moved to New York. These aren’t trying to be subtle. I would hand these out in … Continue reading

cp [feature image]

cherrypepper back issues.

To be perfectly honest I didn’t think I’d ever be able to make the early issues of cherrypepper available again. But now I can in a limited quantity. The first issue was done by placing photographs that I developed in my closet-turned-darkroom onto a photocopier at Kinko’s. It was 1998 and I had just bought my first computer … Continue reading

memories can't wait [feature image]

memories can’t wait.

I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder. Not really. Unless you count books and odd found items. I’m more of a collector. I worked at Kinko’s in Eugene, Oregon for 5 years. During that time I found a bunch of crazy, funny, weird, sad, naked, goofy, antique, and all-around wonderful gems left behind by customers. I greedily snatched them up for my collection. … Continue reading

cherrypepper 5 [feature image]

cherrypepper 5.

[samples can be viewed here ADULTS ONLY] __________[order this issue here ADULTS ONLY] Around 1995 I started taking nude pictures of my female friends, I had an idea to start a pin-up style magazine like the early issues of Playboy, but with modern influences. It was just an idea, I never really expected to be … Continue reading

printed matter [feature image]

printed matter.

I am pleased to announce that the carbon based mistake has been accepted for inclusion into Printed Matter’s distribution program by their review committee. Printed Matter remains one of the oldest, largest, and most visible organizations in the world devoted to publications by artists. They supply publications to artists’ book archives and major libraries as well as to make … Continue reading

quimby's [feature image]

back at quimby’s.

Between the time of years ago, before I dropped off the face of the planet, and the current present: the carbon based mistake is finally back at Quimby’s Bookstore. I used to distribute through Quimby’s and Last Gasp almost exclusively, but my hiatus had taken my mind away from the business side of art. Instead choosing … Continue reading

snapshots [feature image]


Since I’m waiting for the final supplies for cherrypepper 5 to arrive and I’m facing at least a few more weeks in preparation for its release, I thought I’d make a new zine. Earlier in May of this year I finally left the country for the first time in my life. I traveled with my friend … Continue reading

international [feature image]

mistakes, international.

the carbon based mistake is now available in a few select locations in London, England and in Paris, France. the carbon based mistake was also rejected from a few other places, but lets pretend that didn’t happen, shall we? Thanks! If you are in London, stop by Magma Books located at 8 Earlham Street – Covent Garden – London … Continue reading

pre-ordering for cherrypepper 5.

CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER Pre-ordering is now available – allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. If any problems occur that result in delays I will give you the option to cancel with a full refund or receive a few free extra zines with your purchased copy of cherrypepper volume 5 as restitution. The cherrypepper project was started … Continue reading

cherrypepper [feature image]

cherrypepper issue 5, teaser covers.

The last issue of cherrypepper was released in 2005, now after all this time issue 5 will be ready in approximately 3 to 4 weeks – possibly earlier. I have just finished spending about 18 hours over the last 2 days finalizing the issue. There are still a few things I need to complete it, plus … Continue reading

zine fest [feature image]

Brooklyn Zine Fest Aftermath.

I attended the Brooklyn Zine Fest this last Sunday. It was a blast. I arrived at 9:30am to help everyone set up and find a table. Unlike other conventions the table assignments were first come first served, which I actually ended up liking. This ensures no favoritism with the organizers and it’s great that even … Continue reading

Zine Reading Feature Image

Zine Makers Reading Zines.

In another blast of media blitz that is shocking all of New York and putting everyone in a freakin’ frenzy of anticipation for the upcoming Brooklyn Zine Fest 2012, we bring you The Zine Reading. Well, they bring it to you, all I’ll be doing is reading. In public. From something I wrote. I don’t usually … Continue reading

Paltry Pamphlets.

In 2001 I started a series of self-help brochures called Paltry Pamphlets, covering such high-brow topics as what to do when your baby dies, how to figure out if you are ugly or just mentally retarded, and sure fire ways to stop (or possibly avoid all together) being molested by your paternal grandfather. They were … Continue reading

tcbm 11 [feature image]

the carbon based mistake issue 11: a demographic of none.

In September 2005 my wife left me in a hurricane of deceit and after having been reduced to little more than a single raw emotional nerve I made a 100+ page book about it. I released it on my birthday in March of 2006, a few days before I left the pacific north-west for New York. I … Continue reading


In 2001 I made these little prayer cards. I had a friends mother who spoke spanish translate them for me, so there is both an english and spanish translation on the back of each. It’s not something I’ll ever reprint, but I found a few hiding away and so I’m making them available here until … Continue reading

hey, john boy! [feature image]

Hey, John Boy!

Ok, so this zine is a little silly and not usually the type of thing I make, but it was fun and hopefully someone besides me will like it. What happened was this: For the last five years that I’ve been at my current job I’ve overheard a co-worker Paul constantly annoy another co-worker John … Continue reading


Stickers! Stickers! Stickers!

USPS delivered the last of the first batch of vinyl stickers I designed today! The first was offered last week, it’s the Heaven Smells sticker which I used to photocopy and put in public restrooms all over town about 10 years ago. It has been gathering dust in a box since then, some may say it … Continue reading

the straphanger's noose [feature image]

The Straphanger’s Noose.

The Straphanger’s Noose are photographs I’ve secretly taken of commuters on the subways of NYC, and a collection of 5 different fake MTA signs I’ve tried to blanket the subways with, which are also available as handouts on the miscellanea page. Most images have been processed using the instagram, hipstamatic, and/or snapseed iPhone apps. The … Continue reading

chinatown [feature image]


Over the last couple of years I’ve been collecting photographs I’ve taken in new york’s chinatown district. It started during the chinese new year celebration, then spread to whenever I was trying to get on a chinatown bus to DC or NC. For the most part people didn’t even notice I was taking their picture. … Continue reading

An Important Reminder.

From The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón: “… if you really want to devote yourself to [enter artistic endeavor here], or at least to [making] something others will read, you’re going to have to get used to sometimes being ignored, insulted, and despised and to almost always being considered with indifference. It’s an occupational … Continue reading

subway handouts [feature image]

subway handouts, new and improved.

Earlier this year I made a fake MTA subway sign for a project hosted by my friend David Brandt, called the gift basket art project. I liked it but never offered it on this site. I wanted to package them the right way and have at least 4 more before I did anything with them, … Continue reading

Doing It Myself.

In my long effort to amass enough equipment to be able to do everything myself (in as much as it’s possible), I finally have a desktop cutter. It’s a new 17″ heavy-duty desktop guillotine paper cutter. It’s made with an all steel base with a clamp wheel for holding up to 400 sheets for cutting with a ruler based … Continue reading

Stephen King, Punk Rock, and Making Art.

When I was a kid Stephen King was the end-all-be-all of writers. I was raised in a Christian household but was encouraged to read whatever I wanted to. I wasn’t allowed to watch most things on TV, or see most movies or cartoons or listen to anything other than Christian music, but for some reason … Continue reading

My Vasectomy and a Hot Poker Leads to Happiness.

I’ve had requests to tell the story of my vasectomy. I wrote about it when it first happened, but I never gave anyone any updates. So, here is the full story: On Thursday September 14th 2007 at 2 pm I signed a paper agreeing to sterilization and underwent a vasectomy. And although my sister just … Continue reading

Free Time and Other Misconceptions.

My greatest pet peeve would probably have to be when someone says I have a lot of free time whenever they see something I’ve made. It’s beyond my understanding why anyone would assume that creating something comes out of having a surplus amount of time. I hardly have any free time because I’m too busy … Continue reading

The Kindle and the Death of the Physical Novel.

I saw a couple of awful commercials a while ago for the kindle. Sample One and Sample Two It showed a man and a woman arguing over which was better. The woman has a book while man shows off his e-Reader. She keeps trying to tell him that physical books are better… He argues that the … Continue reading