Goodbye WordPress!

I’ve been redesigning my website for another platform. I’m using Weebly this time. All links will eventually forward there as soon as it’s live. If you follow this blog you can follow me there as well… I’ll send you an invite. I’ve enjoyed the features of this site for a while now, I just needed something cleaner and easier to update with eCommerce without becoming a web designer, something that interests me very little. And if it doesn’t interest me I probably will never learn it because I’m too busy trying to learn about things that interest me. I can appreciate it, and envy others for their designs…  I just don’t care about personally doing web design and I like doing everything myself if at all possible. So: Weebly.

The biggest problem with switching over is that although my domain is, most people put the wordpress link on their write-up or promotional reviews. Weebly, when it goes live, won’t have the weebly branding so I get to start fresh. I need to read up on 303 coding or whatever the hell it’s called… doesn’t that help re-directs? Either way, soon there will be a new site. I’ll let you know.

I love you all with a passion only money could buy.

– Marc


Published by: marc calvary

eternally residing in new york, the carbon based mistake currently takes the form of zines, photography, writing, blasphemy, design, art, and printing. - publish and be damned

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