Zine Makers Reading Zines.

In another blast of media blitz that is shocking all of New York and putting everyone in a freakin’ frenzy of anticipation for the upcoming Brooklyn Zine Fest 2012, we bring you The Zine Reading. Well, they bring it to you, all I’ll be doing is reading. In public. From something I wrote. I don’t usually do this kind of thing, in fact I kind of shy away from it, so this time when asked I said YES really quickly before I had a chance to question myself. I’m more comfortable reading other people’s work. I’m not really even sure I know what I’ll read. I want to read my favorite piece, but its kind of depressing. But what if I read from something I think is funny and no one laughs? The sound of crickets might be worse than reading possibly pretentious free verse depression ramblings. And I’m hoping this New York Zine scene isn’t as snobby as other scenes I’ve seen. Some places in the Pacific Northwest gave me nothing but grief. It’s like everyone is so busy trying to out DIY each other that they forget their sense of humor. The political correctness was completely exhausting. After the tenth time that I had to explain how I considered a lot of what I do as satire I just gave up and started to pretend I actually hated the mentally and physically handicapped. Several people told me at one convention that “child molestation isn’t funny”… No shit, asshole. My grandfather was a child molester and it sickens me, so I’ve made fun of it as a coping mechanism. You aren’t my shrink so shut up. The last zine fest I went to in New York was about 3 or 4 years ago, and everyone was very nice… so I’m hoping things haven’t changed. But I’ll be nervous until the first handshake is offered… or the first fist comes flying at my head. Either way I’ll be drinking my stage fright into courage.

Flyer by Kseniya Yarosh


Wednesday April 11th 7pm to 10pm – Free, All Ages

119 Ingraham Street (at Porter) L train to Morgan Avenue

Visit their website for more info


Published by: marc calvary

eternally residing in new york, the carbon based mistake currently takes the form of zines, photography, writing, blasphemy, design, art, and printing. thecarbonbasedmistake.com - publish and be damned


3 thoughts on “Zine Makers Reading Zines.”

  1. Tons of people are afraid to speak in public. Take a deep breath, laugh at yourself, and picture them all in really ugly tighty whitey underpants. And be sure to hit back.

  2. “Ladies and Gentlemen, to battle stage fright I was told to imagine you in your underwear. However upon viewing you as a collective group I have decided to imagine you with more clothes on.” – Marc Calvary, Zine Reading 2012

  3. If all else fails, whip out your dick and yell “this is my weapon!” then collapse on the ground weeping. Works every time.

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