the carbon based mistake issue 11: a demographic of none.

In September 2005 my wife left me in a hurricane of deceit and after having been reduced to little more than a single raw emotional nerve I made a 100+ page book about it. I released it on my birthday in March of 2006, a few days before I left the pacific north-west for New York. I was trying to test the theory of time and geography healing all wounds, so I ran as far as I was able. Falling in love again helped to pull that matrimonious knife from my back, but at the time all I knew was I was in a place where I knew practically no one and all I had to show of my art was a pretty depressing little book. It wasn’t exactly the book you would want to show someone you just met when she asks to see an example of your artwork. But I met a woman that didn’t care. She saw my recovery as a strength and not as the weakness of being forgotten and left behind that I was sure everyone thought when they saw me. I think I view this book now in the same way, it’s funnier than I remembered when I made it and I’m surprised how many pieces have nothing at all to do with my failed marriage. It was my least favorite of the last few issues because it had no bells and whistles… none of the additional design goodies I had been adding to my books… but now I think it might just be my favorite. I have a handful of them still available, originally sold for $13.00, I figure I’m probably close to having made my costs back, so I’ll sell these for $10.00 while supplies last.

Order this for $10.00 ($3.00 off cover price) by going to the ordering page or sending cash to:
marc calvary 41-23 53rd ave. #1R woodside, ny 11377


Published by: marc calvary

eternally residing in new york, the carbon based mistake currently takes the form of zines, photography, writing, blasphemy, design, art, and printing. - publish and be damned

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