Hey, John Boy!

Ok, so this zine is a little silly and not usually the type of thing I make, but it was fun and hopefully someone besides me will like it. What happened was this: For the last five years that I’ve been at my current job I’ve overheard a co-worker Paul constantly annoy another co-worker John with crazy statements (usually involving food) all starting with Hey, John Boy! It’s constant. Hey, John Boy! Hey, John Boy! Hey, John Boy! Hey, John Boy! Hey, John Boy! John gets annoyed, but really doesn’t do anything. He usually laughs, but it’s clear some days he’s just not in the mood, and Paul doesn’t seem to ever really care. He just keeps it going. So over the course of about a year I started to write them down and post them to a twitter account I made just for these utterances, @HeyHeyJohnBoy (HeyJohnBoy with one “Hey” was already taken…), however just as I started to collect the sayings, Paul and John moved to a different side of the department and I rarely heard any Hey, John Boys! I still tweeted them whenever I heard them, and I wanted to enlist the help of someone on that side of the department, but I really wanted it to be a secret until I had a bunch of tweets and then I’d announce it to the whole department… So this holiday season I decided to make the tweets into a zine as a office x-mas gift, and since I liked making it so much thought it would be fun to make it available here as well.

[samples can be viewed here]

It’s (as always) sized 5″ H X 5″W and includes:
20 black and white pages with color covers

order this for $1.00 by going to the ordering page or send cash to:
marc calvary 41-23 53rd ave. #1R woodside, ny


Published by: marc calvary

eternally residing in new york, the carbon based mistake currently takes the form of zines, photography, writing, blasphemy, design, art, and printing. thecarbonbasedmistake.com - publish and be damned

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