Over the last couple of years I’ve been collecting photographs I’ve taken in new york’s chinatown district. It started during the chinese new year celebration, then spread to whenever I was trying to get on a chinatown bus to DC or NC. For the most part people didn’t even notice I was taking their picture. I’d find a nice spot and just hold the camera to my eye and when someone passed by I’d click off a shot. Sometimes they caught on, but never once did they say anything. I think no one objected because I acted like I wasn’t doing anything odd.

[samples can be viewed here]

5″ H X 5″W
28 full color pages

order this for $1.00 by going to the ordering page or send cash to:
marc calvary 41-23 53rd ave. #1R woodside, ny


Published by: marc calvary

eternally residing in new york, the carbon based mistake currently takes the form of zines, photography, writing, blasphemy, design, art, and printing. - publish and be damned

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