subway handouts, new and improved.

Earlier this year I made a fake MTA subway sign for a project hosted by my friend David Brandt, called the gift basket art project. I liked it but never offered it on this site. I wanted to package them the right way and have at least 4 more before I did anything with them, until now I hadn’t been sure how to. The set includes 5 different handouts with loose themes like: Don’t Be An Asshole When Using This Map, Twice The Price For Half The Service, No I Do Not Want To Buy Candy From You, Take A Shower Before You Ride, and Close Your Legs So I Can Sit Down. The titles have almost nothing to do with the contents, but all of them are rants against the MTA and rude subway riders in general. They are a small part of a larger project to be released soon, in zine form, called The Straphanger’s Noose. It will incorporate these handouts with photographs I took of people on the subway. These handouts are however intended to be passed out in subways, hopefully bringing a smile to a frustrated traveler, but more hopefully shaming someone into not being a fucking asshole.

You can get set of 3 of each of the 5 double sided color handouts (15 total) for $1.00
by going to the ordering page or sending cash to:
marc calvary 41-23 53rd ave. #1R woodside, ny 11377


Published by: marc calvary

eternally residing in new york, the carbon based mistake currently takes the form of zines, photography, writing, blasphemy, design, art, and printing. - publish and be damned

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