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Abbey Road Relics

  LIMITED EDITION First run is only available at the Brooklyn Zine Fest April 26th and 27th. Visit for more details. Whatever doesn’t sell at the Brooklyn Zine Fest will be made available here. There might be a possibility of a second run, if so they will also be for sale on this website. Whenever I visit … Continue reading


Art Exchange Program Grant v2/2013 Winners.

V2/2013 WINNERS _____________________________ FIRST PLACE WINNERS -click on their names for more information -  OLD-TIMER: The Art Exchange Program’s Printer Hero Award – v2/2013 Heather Wreckage “Dreams of Donuts #15 and #16” $150.00 USD 100 copies of one of their zines The Printer Hero Badge from Nerd Merit Badges The last 10 issues of my zine … Continue reading

AxP Prizes Announced!

First Place Prizes for both Old-Timer and Newbie categories: The Art Exchange Program’s Printer Hero Award 2013: $150.00 USD 100 copies of their zine The Printer Hero Badge from Nerd Merit Badges The last 10 issues of my zine the carbon based mistake A copy of the book Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon The funniest little book ever, Labs with Abs by Andrew Jeffrey Wright Second Place … Continue reading

AxP v2 2013 Concludes

Unless I get a bunch of last-minute submissions postmarked November 1st or before… this years contest is now over. Now comes the hard part. I have refrained from reading very much of the entries I’ve received to ensure I don’t develop a favorite too early in the contest. So now it’s time to sit down … Continue reading

Frankie Comics [feature-image]

Axp Submission: Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes

Born three months premature, Rachel has always been motivated and stubborn. At seven, she drew her first comic strips and proclaimed to her teacher that she would be a cartoonist when she grew up. Rachel has interned at Top Cow Entertainment and BOOM! Studios, was a recipient of the Women Webcomikers Grant NAN, has her Bachelors … Continue reading

Dreams of Donuts [Feature Image]

AxP Submission: Dreams of Donuts by Heather Wreckage

Heather Wreckage makes art, comic zines, and crafty things such as mix-tapes, dolls, and paintings, for fun and sometimes for profit. She started her comic per-zine in 2007 because she wanted to create a zine but didn’t feel comfortable with a strictly text based format. She felt comics were more lighthearted and were able to help her express her … Continue reading

Against Debt [Feature Image]

AxP Submission: Against Debt

Against Debt is a zine containing a drawing, a comic, an essay, and a poem. Created by veteran zinester Nickolas Burgess and new zinesters Steve Turtell, Ryan Hickey, and Ted Moneo, Against Debt debuted at the 2013 Brooklyn Zine Fest and was created in the wake of the financial crisis. The two goals were to firstly … Continue reading

Trust-the-Knife [feature Image]

AxP Submission: Think About the Bubbles #8: Trust the Knife by Joyce Hatton

Joyce Hatton made her first zine 10 years ago… and then did nothing with it. But last December she was having a mental breakdown and expressing it through a zine was the only way she could think to express herself and Think About the Bubbles #1 was born. Since then she’s continued creating… Trust the … Continue reading

ZineShow [feature image]

First International Exhibition “ZINESHOW” – Lviv, Ukraine

This year I submitted a handful of my zines to be a part of First International Exhibition “ZINESHOW” where entries were exhibited in the gallery “Tymutopiyapres” a non-commercial art space located in Lviv, Ukraine.  An all inclusive exhibition, Zineshow was interested in any technique, any theme and format, and there was no fee to submit your work. The 120 participants selected … Continue reading

An Invitation [featureimage]

AxP Submission: An Invitation by Anne Rita Taylor

Anne’s submission to the carbon based mistake’s art Exchange Program Grant is entitled “An Invitation: The Mayborn Literary Non-Fiction Conference 2013″ She originally made zines from 2000 to 2004 after which she took a break to start making hand-made blank books, but the zine bug struck her once again in 2008 while on a road … Continue reading


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