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the carbon based mistake

the carbon based mistake was created 03.30.75 by marc calvary and takes the form of
zines & books & photography & writing & blasphemy & art & design.

Studio3Besides the main project, a series of books and zines under the umbrella name of the carbon based mistake, marc finds the time to do other projects by being annoyingly anti-social. Current side projects include the Art Exchange Program, an annual zine contest awarding grant money and prizes in an attempt to encourage others to continue to make art, a pin-up style adults-only photography and design project called cherrypepper, and a charity organization under the unlikely name of The Reformed Church of Satan, which actually has nothing to do with the devil.

Sign up for updates (look to the right hand side of the page), to stay informed of when new material is available. Feel free to use the handy paypal buttons on the shop page, (credit cards are accepted too), or you can old-school it and send cash and a letter by carrier pigeon to:

marc calvary – 41-23 53rd street – studio #1R – woodside, new york 11377

You can also make contact by email:
And “like” the carbon based mistake on facebook:

(Trades of your zine is acceptable unless for gift certificates or otherwise noted)

the carbon based mistake thinks you should buy a scratch-off lottery ticket, the kind that gives you a million dollar a year payout. Then you should hang it in a frame on the wall of your home, unscratched. – If you have photographic proof you’ve done this in a show of solidarity for the DIY movement, you’ll be sent a free zine.

Biopicture by Tracy HammerMarc Calvary the Drawing by Tracy Hamer –


everything on this website (unless otherwise noted) as well as the name “the carbon based mistake” (U.S. Reg. No. 4,213,952) or any likeness thereof is ™ and © 1991-2014 marc christopher calvary. all rights reserved. in cases of the earlier mentioned “otherwise noted”, © goes to the author. 



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